Precursor is now open source.

They say good things come to those who wait, and you’ve all been waiting for quite awhile now. As of today, we’re very excited to finally announce that Precursor is officially open source software!

We started Precursor with the goal of simplifying the early-stage product design process. We wanted to not only encourage team collaboration, but make it easier than ever. Precursor’s sole purpose has always been to get out of your way, and allow you to effortlessly bring your ideas to fruition.

Many of you connected strongly to Precursor's vision, particularly its ability to keep you focused on your ideas. I think there's still many insights to be shared from its philosophy and architecture. I wanted to shine a light on how much complex overhead we subject ourselves to as designers and developers. Sometimes we need a reminder that simplicity in a workflow is a good thing.

We’re proud of the progress Precursor made with ClojureScript, WebRTC, and React. And beyond a solid tech stack, we also placed heavy focused on the product’s user experience. Our development process allowed for a strong emphasis on design—with every color, line, menu, and animation being meticulously thought through.

As Precursor becomes a community-lead product, we will work hard to ensure that it will retain its thoughtful roots in simplicity and expression. We hope to continue to see our product bring joy to our users, and to also see our users engage in advancing the product.

We’re looking forward to realizing Precursor’s potential with you, and invite you to join us on GitHub!