Precursor is now open source.

As Precursor becomes a community-lead product, we will work hard to ensure that it will retain its thoughtful roots in simplicity.

Don't let your tools distract you.

Knowing where to draw the line is difficult. It's important to remember that prototyping tools are useful because they're simple.

Diagramming with Precursor

Learn how to build flow diagrams as we sketch out Precursor's infrastructure.

We made Precursor for teams.

We want users to know we're not going anywhere. Precursor for Teams will help us ensure your work is private and stays secure.

Ideas are made with Precursor.

I'm exceedingly curious to see how people use Precursor. Recently we've been using an internal playback tool to learn about this...

Clojure is a product design tool.

Clojure makes me more efficient and extends my reach as a designer. And it protects me from complex design workflows...

Optimizing Om Apps

Our front end is built with Om and React. Both have excellent performance right out of the box, but we needed more insight.

Our blue ocean is made of ink.

For every single designer or developer using an app to prototype their product, there are hundreds more using paper...

Product Hunt was a wake up call.

What we found most interesting about the Product Hunt traffic was not its volume, but its quality of feedback...

Introduction to Interactive Layers

Learn how to build complex interactive prototypes from Precursor's simple components.