We made Precursor for teams.

I'm excited to announce that today we're launching Precursor for Teams on Product Hunt.

We make prototyping and team collaboration simple and easy

Product Hunt holds a special place in our hearts. We were featured there several months ago, back when Precursor was still just a part-time side project. And as a huge thank you to the community, we're offering 50% off Precursor for Teams to all Product Hunters, for the first 6 months.

To take advantage of the discount, follow the link on Product Hunt, then click on the welcome message on the homepage.

Our goal has always been a pretty simple one.

We want to make sharing ideas with anyone effortless. To accomplish this we've been listening to your feedback, and using it to perfect the tools we've already made as well as adding exciting new ones.

These new features will include the ability to make your docs private, so that your team's hard work is always secure. We've implemented voice chat, so you can have team meetings in the same place where you share your ideas. You'll also have your own team domain, so your team's ideas are all organized in one place.

We're committing ourselves to helping teams communicate.

We want users to know we're not going anywhere. Precursor for Teams will help us ensure your work is private and stays secure.

Your team should focus on what's important—their ideas. Let us handle everything else.

And pricing is simple.

We think team collaboration should be simple, and so should pricing. The monthly cost for a team is $10 per active user, per month.

If you prefer to work solo, that's okay too. You can still get a private domain to use on Precursor and give people access to individual docs, without adding them to your team. It's perfect for sharing ideas with clients.

Best of all, prototyping will still be free.

Our prototyping tools are staying right where they are—free for everyone.

Accessibility is part of Precursor's foundation, and we still think sharing an idea should be as simple as sharing a url. That's why we're keeping the Precursor public app free and accessible anywhere, on any device.

We're hungry for feedback.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, now more than ever. If you see something that we can do better, please let us know.

Ping us in your doc's chat with "@prcrsr" or email us. We'll be there to answer any questions, or if you just want a sketching buddy.

All of this means better features now and in the future.

Now that Precursor has a real growth strategy, we can keep focusing on improving our core product.

Our most exciting features are still ahead of us. But more importantly, we're going to continue making our current features better every day!

We don't ignore good ideas. Below are some of the feature requests we've finished in just the last few weeks.